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Pre-Planning Solutions

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About Us

How Pre-planning Solutions Can Help You

This page explains how the experts at Pre-planning Solutions make it easy and comfortable for you to pre-arrange a funeral that meets your needs and fits your budget. This page also introduces Sheila Zister, the founder of Pre-planning Solutions, and shares some client testimonials.

Our Funeral Pre-planning Philosophy

You take great care to plan your investments, your retirement and your estate, so why not plan your funeral too. It’s all about peace of mind, for you, and more importantly, for your loved ones. The goal of Pre-planning Solutions is to educate consumers, like you, and guide them through their pre-arranging and pre-paying options.

Pre-planning Solutions makes funeral pre-arranging:

We’re Independently Owned and Operated

Pre-planning Solutions is not affiliated with any funeral home. That means we work for you, not for the funeral home. We offer you...

We’re Experienced Professionals

We have answers to your questions, even the ones you haven’t thought of yet. No matter what your faith and cultural background, we help you make informed funeral pre-planning decisions.

You Can Trust Pre-planning Solutions

Once you decide to pre-arrange your funeral, you have to decide whom you’re going to trust and feel comfortable with to help you through the process.

Sheila Zister

Sheila Zister

About Sheila Zister

Sheila Zister is the founder of Pre-planning Solutions. She has over 20 years experience in the funeral industry, and has specialized in funeral pre-arranging for the last 10 years. Sheila has helped hundreds of clients achieve the relief and peace of mind that come with funeral pre-arranging.

Sheila also saw room for improvement in the funeral pre-arranging process. Similar to shopping for a mortgage or taking the car for repair, you like to know you’re getting the best price and not being sold unnecessary services. And it all begins with trust. So, Sheila founded Pre-planning Solutions to offer funeral pre-arranging that’s independent, easy and comfortable.

Sheila Zister is Knowledgeable and Experienced

Sheila Zister is a Trusted Advisor and Friend

What Clients Say About Pre-planning Solutions

“Thank you so very much for your gracious personal understanding and professional assistance.”

“A sincerest thank you for your kind help and advice.”

“Your expertise guided us in the direction we hoped to go. And you guided with such compassion and care.”

“We feel we have given each other a “gift”- the gift of easing a difficult time of life. We now have such peace of mind.”

“I had no idea that funeral homes have such different fees.”

“I wouldn’t have known where to start. You explained everything so clearly.”

“Your knowledge of the funeral homes and products was very impressive.”